Popoyo Rental

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The beaches of Nicaragua receive an average 300 days of sun each year.

The Nicaragua coastline is home to numerous sea turtle nesting spots... peak nesting is from October to November.

Popoyo House Rental Rates and Availability

Our one-of-a-kind Popoyo house rental is located near the water in the small town of Guasacate, Nicaragua, just one hour east of Rivas. The house comes complete with full air conditioning, 24/7 security if desired, a fully loaded kitchen (with A/C, refrigerator, and propane stove/oven). Exciting upgrades for the 2014 season include internet service, construction of a new rancho for even better views of the surf and TV and DVR.

The house has three bedrooms total; each bedroom comes with a full size bed and a twin bed (there are additional twin beds available if you have a large party). The entire house can be rented out or the upstairs and downstairs can be rented separately by day or week. contact us by email to inquire about visiting Popoyo and booking our house rental.

Availability and Rates

If you would like to inquire about current availability, please contact us.

Calendar of Availability

Renting the House

Entire House - $1000.00 per week

Note - prices vary by season, if you are interested in booking our Popoyo house rental and would like to verify rates, please contact us today.

Renting the Upstairs of the House

$125.00 per night or $550.00 per week

The upstairs has two bedrooms, each with private bathrooms and air conditioning. There is also a kitchen and living room upstairs, both with A/C, as well as stunning views of Outer Reef and The Popoyo area.

Renting the Downstairs of the House

$60.00 per night or $375.00 per week

The downstairs has one bedroom equipped with A/C, one bathroom a full kitchen.