Popoyo Rental

You can hike, explore, or surf Nicaragua from our beautiful Popoyo house rental. Contact us today to book your stay.

There are 500 volcanic islands in Nicaragua, many containing unique native artifacts.

There are currently 78 nature reserves and wildlife refuges in Nicaragua that are home to howler monkeys and several rare animal species.

Things to Do – Surf Popoyo, Relax, or Explore the Rivers, Mountains, and Rainforests of Nicaragua

Surf PopoyoNicaragua is considered a water paradise and a surfer's dream, but it also has incredible fishing, hiking, and wildlife. Besides surfing and relaxing in Popoyo, you can explore the numerous lakes, lagoons, and rainforests of the region and even hike trails near active volcanoes. Popoyo and the town of Las Salinas also have an amazing village culture, the people are incredibly friendly and you can wander into town during the day or at night to hang out with the locals. If you are simply here for a relaxing getaway, the house will offer you the comfort, convenience, and privacy you are looking for.

Surf Popoyo

Surf PopoyoThough Nicaragua features some of the best surf spots in the pacific, it still remains largely unknown to much of the surfing community, which means you can often find incredible surf spots with a little exploring and have the waves to yourself. In fact, from our house rental, you will be overlooking three great surf spots in Popoyo, including one big wave spot that is starting to attract some of the world's top surfers! Popoyo is known world wide as the best surfing destination in Central America, and you won't be disappointed by the incredible surf breaks.

Hike Nicaragua

Nicaragua Nature and WildlifeYou can surf and wander for miles on the beaches of Popoyo near our property, or you can venture out farther to enjoy Nicaragua's nature reserves, parks, hiking trails, and wildlife refuges. Nicaragua is home to lively populations of howler monkeys, birds, wild cats, and reptiles, and there are countless sea turtle nesting spots across the country's coastline. Nicaragua also has some of the most remarkable rainforest expanse north of the Amazon, and has several equally impressive volcanoes that are accessible to hikers. From the deck of our Popoyo rental house, you can even enjoy a mountainside view of a nearby volcano!

River, Lake, and Ocean Fishing

Surf PopoyoFrom jungle river fishing to sport fishing in the Pacific, Nicaragua offers incredible opportunities for first time anglers and even the most experienced fisherman. The inshore and offshore waters of Nicaragua are packed with a variety of fish, including sailfish, roosterfish, marlin, wahoo, dorado, and grouper, just to name a few. Whether you are fishing the exotic inland waters of Nicaragua or tackling big game fish offshore – you are guaranteed not only beautiful views, but a unique, world-class fishing experience.

Relaxing in Popoyo and Las Salinas

Relaxing in Popoyo and Las SalinasAside from the incredible surfing and hiking in Popoyo, you can take advantage of the local culture or just spend your time relaxing at the house. The outdoor decks of our rental house are perfect for practicing Yoga and have incredible ocean, mountain, and volcano views. From the decks you can watch the surfers and check out the beaches before heading down to swim or lay out in the sun. Just below the property you can go even go horseback riding for the day!

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